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"It's Not About How Much You Do, But How Much Love You Put Into What You Do That Counts"

-Mother Teresa-



SWARNABHOOMI has been implementing its programs & activities since the inception of the year 2002 independently by the Founder Members, by their own will as a philanthropist and In the year 2012 SWARNABHOOMI has initiated it’s activities as an organization with a group of members, which helps in the development of the rural poor families and supports in the development of the target beneficiaries, Socially, Economically, Psychologically and Spiritually.

SWARNABHOOMI strives to protect the rights of the rural poor and help provide equal opportunities to them through Education, Vocational Training, Community Development, Income Generation and Youth Exchange programs.

The aim of the program is to empower the beneficiaries to enable them to participate in decision making, in matters which concerns them in their day to day life. They are educated in a manner which helps support in good governance in public affairs in the village.

SWARNABHOOMI in its endeavor to help improve the quality of living in the target beneficiaries provide assistance in income generation projects, which would generate income which supplements their family income.


Actively engage as a social organization that empower the rural poor community, urban community and the estate community by providing them the equal opportunities irrespective of gender, to become them to be a part of the decision makers of the local body, fulfilling the needs of the community at risk and improve socio economics status with quality life standard in general.


Keeping with the motto “EDUCATION FOR ALL” we help those who want to help themselves to improve their quality of life through education, psychosocial intervention, economic development programs.

We strive to protect the rights of disadvantages families and help them to live a life of dignity thus enjoying their rights at all times.

About Us


We have been of immense help to our target beneficiaries in helping them to attain most of their aspirations. We will not stop at what we have done so far. We are now in the process of expanding our projects to many needy areas such as Housing, Volunteer Exchange programs.

We have only recently established our digital presence since all our time, effort and funds were put into helping communities. Shown above are some highlights of our past initiatives, we still have many more to upload and will happen as we go ahead.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information!

Our Initiatives

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Contact Us

No: 116/23 A. Katukurundawatte Road, Mampe, Piliyandala (10300), Sri Lanka.


+94 113 644 776

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